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Why Do You Have Cabins At Sky Ridge?

Lots of people ask why we have two cabins in our sea of awesome yurts.  The technical answer is easy.  There were deed restrictions that wouldn’t allow yurts on the properties where the cabins are located.  The real answer is way more fun.  The Stecoah House and the Wayah House are a friendly competition between me and my husband, Jay.


This is Jay.  He’s the best partner-in-everything a girl could ask for.  Sky Ridge was a thing before we met, but he’s been a driving force behind the many expansions we’ve done over the years.  And the Stecoah House was his idea.

Jay Rocking The Expansions....

When we met, I noticed that he had this really cool drawing of a house on his computer home screen.  When I asked him what the drawing was all about, he just replied “that’s the perfect house, and someday I might build it.”  He probably had no idea at the time that saying something like that to a person like me would likely translate into turning that drawing into a reality, but I think now he’s a little more careful about challenging me to build cool places to stay!  Anyway, he was right.  That little drawing was pretty perfect, and so is he.  So, naturally I wanted him to have it.

The Original Sketch Of The Stecoah...

Fast forward five years, and the Stecoah House is built exactly how Jay pictured it in his head.  Tall ceilings, modern vibe with just enough mountain charm, wrap-around views, peaceful setting, just the right amount of space, and of course a super-chill vibe perfect for couples - or solitude – whichever you’re in the mood for.  If you’ve stayed there, you’d likely agreed he nailed it.


The Stecoah House has one of the most killer views on Sky Ridge, and it can be enjoyed both inside and outside uninterrupted by the elements.  The only problem for me is that the view from the upstairs of the Stecoah put center stage the only little sliver of land that we didn’t yet own on the ridge.  It’s like the land was calling to me even louder “come get me, Melissa, and make something beautiful” every time I looked out the Stecoah House window.  So, after a long negotiation with the land owners, Sky Ridge finally purchased that little piece, and the competition began.

The View From Stecoah's Bedroom...

When we found there was a deed restriction on the new property, I knew we’d be building another cabin.  Jay teased that there would be no way I could build another cabin that would be as perfect as his.  Now, he may well have been right, but what kind of wife doesn’t accept a challenge like that?  And that’s where the idea of the Wayah House was born.

Unlike Jay, I didn’t have a house plan sitting on my desktop for years to ponder.  But what I did have as an idea of what kind of cabin was missing in the area.  Most of the good ones around here (you know, ones that don’t have the chainsaw bear feel) are so big that there’s no way the average family can justify the cost of renting them.  Most families don’t need space for 20 people, so those modern mountain cabins are usually out.

Wayah House Offers Modern Mountain Feel...

So, I sketched out what I wanted – two private king suites on either end of the house, a complete covered porch out on the view side so you can still enjoy the outdoors even when it’s rainy, a great little kitchen and living room area all on one level with easy entry, and doors that open wide to create a breezy open space when you want it.  Throw in a half bath that I learned the hard way was needed when my bestie Ronnie stayed with me and my mom in a two-suite without a half bath in town (he had to pee outside at night so he didn’t have to walk through our bedrooms), and I think you’ve got the perfect cabin!

But, who really is to say what’s more perfect?  There’s a lot of charm in both of our Houses at Sky Ridge, and they both fit the needs of families in unique ways.  So, for our little competition, we watch how many times each one is rented.  And, we keep score.  Some months Jay wins.  Some months I win.  But our guests are always the winner because they really can’t go wrong.  Either they get Jay’s Stecoah House that was lovingly thought about for years before its building.  Or, they get my Wayah House, which came together after a hard-fought struggle to get the land and after years of learning what guests actually want in a space. 

You Could Always Just Rent Both...


I think it might be fun to settle the score, though.  So, for the next two weeks, I’m going to put both of the cabins on sale for 20% off.  That means as long as you book one of the Houses in the next two weeks (now through February 29, 2024) for any time in the future, you’ll get 20% off when you use the code “HOUSECONTEST” at checkout.  And to make it even better, I’ll be keeping score of which House makes the most reservations.  I’ll then choose one of those reservations randomly  in the winning House to have their remaining balance covered by us.


So, are you Team Jay and the Stecoah?  Or, are you Team Mel with the Wayah?  Make your choice, book today at 20% off, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



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