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Where on earth did you get that bed?!?

I Know This Sounds Like A Crazy Question, But..

I answer a lot of questions in any given day. And, I take a lot of phone calls. When your business phone is your cell phone, you don’t have the luxury of not answering calls from that number you don’t recognize. You answer aaaalllll the calls. And you know what? I love (almost all of ) them! The ones that make me laugh the most are the ones where people call and ask me something, don’t like the answer, so they hang up and call right back again hoping to get someone else with a different answer. It’s extra funny when they call, call again, text, chat, and then email looking for that someone who will answer their question differently. But they always get me, so we wind up having the same convo over and over….but that’s a different topic. I’ll take it as flattery that people think little ol’ me might be a big professional business!

I love talking to my customers. Seasoned glampers and glamping-curious people are so fun to talk to. And they ask some great questions….like “do you have a coffee maker” or “can bears break into the yurt at all”? Yes, we have coffee makers here, and I’ve never seen a bear on the grounds in over ten years, by the way. But by far, the most-asked question at Sky Ridge is this:

Where on earth did you get that bed?!?

I always know when I hear the words “I know this sounds like a crazy question, but..” that I need to be looking up the number for our mattress provider. And I have to laugh at myself because I know that the reason we have these crazy comfortable mattresses is by complete and total accident. We have used the Cloud-O-Pedic II since we opened in 2011, and you can get them at Transit Damage Freight in Lexington, NC (you can order online at And, you can drop my name if you want, but I doubt it will do you any good with the price.

You won’t need it though, because the reason I bought these incredibly “heavenly beds” was simple. When it came time to put furniture in our first three yurts, I was Out. Of. Money. So, I walked into TDF and said “give me the cheapest pillow-top you’ve got”. And viola! We’ve never used anything else.

So, if you’ve got about $400, you can have your own Sky Ridge mattress with a little help from Transit Damage Freight. But I still think our little mountaintop does something to set the scene for a great night’s sleep!


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