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When Hospitality Turns On You

Two Of My Favorite Guests Really Surprised Me Last Week...

I worked for a Fortune 500 company for most of my adult life. Until they turned on me after 20 years. I’ll spare you the details of how I went from working for a copier company to running a small mountaintop glamping empire, but I will say this one thing about my past working life. That company was the epitome of “the customer’s always right”. Seriously, I remember being in college and one of my business classes had a whole unit on this company and their philosophies (I aced that class, by the way). Losing my job with them was one of the scariest and absolute best things that ever happened to me, but we can discuss that later. All of that to say…. I took that attitude into my work in hospitality at Sky Ridge because, well, I didn’t know any other way to work. I started there at 19, so it pretty much defined me and how I deal with customers.

Anyway, life in hospitality has been great. Seems when you act from a place of believing the customer is always right, customers like you pretty well. I don’t always please everyone, and there may be some out there that wouldn’t agree, but for the most part my glampers and I get along pretty well. Until they turn on you. And I had two of those this week.

The first customer that turned on me was my long-time guest, Dave. Dave and his wife and twin girls are incredible. When I first opened, every time I turned around there was a new reservation from Dave. Didn’t matter when or where, he just kept coming. And he would bring friends. He did it so much that we have a “Dave Discount” for his referrals. This week, he sent me an email saying how frustrated he was that he couldn’t find an opening to come and stay, but he signed off with “Sky Ridge Forever” and congratulated me on my success. That simple email turned the hospitality around and made me feel the same kind of amazing I hope we make our guests feel.

Dave's Adorable Wee-One Showing Off Her Flower Find....

And then there’s Haley. Haley turned on me last week, too. Last week, my “niece” Kennedy was turning 18 in a new town, in a new country, and was more than a little bummed that it wouldn’t be such a great affair. She’s a touch of a drama queen, that one. So, I called another long-time guest and asked for a favor that I really thought was a shot in the dark. I was completely awed and humbled that her response was “come hell or high-water, this thing is happening this weekend!” She went on to plan an elaborate birthday party for Kennedy, complete with a few queens that maybe even topped her in the drama department! When I asked her how to repay, she said “everyone deserves a weekend with nothing but fun and unconditional love, and that’s what you’ve provided me so many times!” Haley pulled out all the stops to provide me with exactly what I needed, and was happy to do it because that’s how Sky Ridge has made her feel over and over. I have to admit, I was kind of floored.

Haley And Her Crew Enjoying The Stecoah House....

Haley and her crew are at Sky Ridge enjoying themselves now, and we’ve promised Dave he can have first stay at our new cabin. And I couldn’t be happier to know that, in addition to making a living, Sky Ridge is bringing me friends that know just how to turn the hospitality right back at me!


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