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I Was Going To Write A Blog Post, But Levi Beat Me To It...

I was all ready to write a post, but I decided to flip through the guest book for fun before I started. I found a note from Levi Gindes. Now I'm not sure much else needs to be said.

Levi's Post From His Stay In Our Fontana Yurt

Ok, maybe I'll write a little more.

This summer I've had the chance to rent some other cabins in our Bryson City area. Some I've stayed in because I needed a place for me or my construction guys to stay. Others I've stayed in to celebrate summer and graduation with long-time friends. All of them were pretty nice. One in particular was a "sleeps 12" mega mountain cabin. You know the one...close to town, sparkling clean, five-star rated - the chainsaw bear place. I didn't pay for that one, but my friend Katrina told me it was top dollar. We had a great time.

But, all of us (me, my hubs and four adult besties, plus our six high school grads) couldn't help but notice the wear and tear on this cabin. Of course, we've all stayed multiple times at Sky Ridge for recreation, and they couldn't help but ask me my opinion when they found toaster crumbs in the bottom of the cabinet or layers of dust on the fan blades or leftover candy wrappers under the furniture. All in jest or course, until table legs started breaking off and toilets stopped flushing. All matters were attended to promptly by the staff, but my friends couldn't believe that the caretakers told us not to worry, as things had been broken for a long time. They were already aware of most of our concerns, and they hadn't been fixed. I heard, "This would never happen at Sky Ridge" a lot that week. I also heard, "You seriously need to raise your prices."

Even The Bear Knows There's Something Off....

Those nights, I thought a lot about the things I heard. And I decided that no, I did not need to raise my prices just because someone else's standards are lower. There's no way my friends could know since they're not in the short-term rental business, but the difference between what individually owned cabins and condos can offer and what we can offer at Sky Ridge is simple - we don't use property management companies. The people who care for Sky Ridge actually care. We're not just cleaning a unit. We love it here as much as our guests do, and as such, we notice almost every little thing, and we fix what's not right because it being right is very, very important to everyone that works here.

We're not perfect. The AC sometimes gives us fits, a dog might bark too much, a stray cobweb may float here or there, the grill may not light on the first strike. But when guests call to report these things, there's not a person here who doesn't drop everything and run to fix them as soon as they possibly can. And it's because we want you to love it here, just like we do.

Levi is exactly and succinctly right. Sky Ridge is our surprise gift to you. Thanks for giving us the best recognition we've received in over ten years.



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