A Different Kind Of #YurtLife

Once A Year, We Take The Cleaning Game To The Next Level...

Our head caretaker Kathy and her crew take care of the insides of our yurts in stellar fashion (almost) every single day. But once every year, a second crew comes in for a different kind of cleaning. Each spring, my mom and stepdad and best friend Heidi make the trek up from Charlotte armed with brushes, ladders, and extension poles. And when we get here, rain or shine, we start the process of scrubbing down the exterior of each of our yurts.

You Can't Quite Stand On IT, But A little Elbow Grease Gets It Done....

It’s maybe not the most glamorous part of the #yurtlife, but we think it makes all the difference in the experience our glampers have with us when they’re here. We always joke that when we’re up on the roof scrubbing away that it doesn’t look like we’ve made any difference with the task. But when we stand back, the outside of the yurts seem to shine like diamonds on the mountaintop.

The process is very old school – a mixture of bleach, dawn dish soap and water – and it takes a little time to make it around the roof of each yurt. But my “outside” team and I have gotten this yurt cleaning thing down to a science.

There's Always More Dirt Than You Think In The Yurt Life....

Last week, the four of us knocked out three yurts in two days. This week, we’ll hit four more. So, if you see us on the roof, just know that we’re working hard – inside and out – to make Sky Ridge as sparkling clean as we possibly can for our guests.

The Original "Yurt Momma" (My Mom Rosa) Is The Hands-Down Foreman Of This Job....

And oh yeah, Kathy’s “inside” crew won’t be outdone. While we’re on the roof, she’s hitting every inch of that ceiling!

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